In this article, I’m going to discuss a key strategy that is so crucial to save money in Georgia. Atlanta International Airport is one of the main hubs for Delta Airlines. Not only is it a large airport, but a very busy one. With that being the case, the gate agents seem to be pretty generous to their customers to help them save money.

Using Your Luggage as a Resource

Many travelers, tend to overpack when preparing for their upcoming vacation. It’s usually due to planning for the unexpected – whether that’s needing an extra shirt, socks, shoes, etc. What I recommend you do is utilize a suitcase that can double as both long-term luggage and carry-on luggage.

When I say, “long-term luggage”, I’m referring to going on a trip for at least a week. For a multi-week trip that will likely require a larger piece of luggage and therefore cannot double as a carry-on. We’re focusing on a trip where our travel plans are going to last at the most a week.

What type of suitcase does the job well?

Roller carryon luggage made by Ciao is I how save money in Georgia and anywhere else I travel and provides me enough room for a week of travel.
Ciao! Luggage

The picture above is the suitcase that I use for week-long trips. Here’s a modern-day version of the luggage on Amazon. I like to avoid checking in a bag and instead use it as my carry-on. However, the likelihood that I bring it onto the plane… well, we’re going to get into that and discuss how we’re going to save you money.

Checking Your Luggage at the Gate And Save Money

On crowded flights, gate agents will offer passengers to check in their bag at the gate at no additional cost. When flying domestically on Delta, the first bag is $30 and the second is $40. That’s a total of $90 on luggage alone!

In my experience, week-long trips have not required a second suitcase. Traveling with one suitcase encourages you to pack in an efficient manner to save money in Georgia and beyond. When checking in your suitcase at the gate, you’ll pick it up at the carousel upon arrival unless told otherwise. Sometimes on flights, they’ll ask you to wait in the walking area as you exit the plane. A grounds crew member will bring the bags directly to you. Sometimes, you’ll be dropped off at the concourse. The grounds crew will pile the luggage on a rolling rack and you can pick your bag up there.

If you’re not in a rush, the extra time to pick up your bags is well worth the savings. You’re on vacation, so you should be relaxing and not in a rush 😉

On travel days with more passengers, the likelihood of this benefit being available increases; like traveling on a Saturday (to Georgia) or Monday (to Las Vegas) based on my experience. However, it is up to the discretion of the gate attendant and airline so keep that in mind.

Additional Benefits to Checking in Your Luggage at the Gate

An additional benefit when checking in your bag at the gate is how quickly you’ll get to your seat. No need to struggle to fit your luggage in the overhead bin. You’ll avoid the added stresses that come along like holding up the line of passengers.

I like being able to walk on the plane with my book and sit down with nothing to worry about. You may be offered to board earlier for checking your bag at the gate which was provided. This is another benefit that’s at the discretion of the gate agent. I was able to board earlier than my assigned boarding group going to Georgia. Coming home I boarded with my group (even though I checked my bag at the gate both times).

The most important benefit is skipping the extremely long lines upon arrival at the airport. It’s important to utilize online check-in 24 hours prior to your flight. By doing so, you’ll only need to worry about allocating time for the wait lines to go through security. Your travel experience should be enjoyable and as stress-free as possible. By utilizing these suggestions you’re putting yourself in a position to save money in Georgia and more importantly – enjoy yourself.

Have you used any of these tips before? When did you last travel to Georgia?

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