If you are going to travel to Florida from New York, you have a multitude of options for non-stop flights. However, one of the flagship carriers does not seem to offer frequent non-stop flights from La Guardia (LGA) to PBI.

I traveled to Florida to visit my dad and planned to fly American Airlines as my carrier of choice. One of the tiers of American Airlines’ loyalty program is Platinum status. I acquired this status through a Founder’s Card membership program trial. Having temporary status with American Airlines did not impress me. I’ll delve more into that in my review article on the sunshine state. However, I’m no longer a member of the Founder’s Card program. I didn’t feel it was worth the price long term. I exhausted the benefits best suited to my needs for a year and after that, it wasn’t worth it.

In addition, in 2018, American Airlines didn’t have non-stop flights for travel to Florida. American Airlines explained why they weren’t offering any non-stop flights and why non-stop flights are cheaper than layovers:

Should You Avoid A Layover When Traveling To Florida?

In general, if I can help it, I never take a flight that isn’t non-stop. Since I was testing out Platinum status with American Airlines, I had no choice at the time. Layover flights from LGA to PBI were the only option.

However, I’m glad based on the quote above that American Airlines was truthful in that these scheduling decisions can change. As of January 2019, they seem like they’re easing into non-stop flights for the LGA to PBI route.

I’m not looking to discuss when I took my trip or how airline policies can change from year to year. Instead, I want you to be aware that taking a flight with a layover is going to cost more money.

If visiting West Palm Beach and from New York, please research all airline options. You should really do this even if you aren’t from New York. It should be a practice employed regardless of where you’re going.


Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

As travelers, we tend to stick with an airline that we’re comfortable with. However, you want to break this mindset since we’re trying to travel more while on a budget.

Traveling more frequently means giving all airlines a fair review and seeing how they stack up against each other. Considering things like amenities, on-time frequency, security, and a seamless experience through the airport is a must for all travelers.

You’re only going to get this invaluable insight if you’re open to experiencing an airline that you haven’t tried before. It is also worth paying attention to reviews of an airline to determine if it’s right for you. In turn, it’s important to note that each individual’s experience with an airline is going to be relative. While one person you know may have a bad experience, that doesn’t mean you will have the same experience. That’s why I say you need to try various airlines out for yourself to see the bigger picture.

Are There Better Options For Non-Stop Flights When You Travel To Florida?

Let’s delve into the number of carrier options when searching for non-stop flights from LGA to PBI, shall we? Those carriers include JetBlue, Southwest, United, and Delta.

I know you could have discovered this on your own, but I figured I’d save you some time. Additionally, this helps support the reason for allowing yourself flexibility as a traveler on a budget. There are well-known brand names in the industry offering multiple flight times for getting to West Palm Beach. I recommend you compare non-stop prices when considering which airline you choose for your travels.

I can’t recommend enough that you utilize available tools that will do price comparisons for you. The one I use all the time and have come to feel is the best option is Kayak. They do a fantastic job allowing you to compare prices in addition to prices amongst other third-party travel agent sites.

You mustn’t use Kayak as a one-all-be-all approach. Compare them against other sites like Expedia, Cheap-O-Air, Priceline, etc. by going to those sites directly. Even though Kayak filters by non-stop and connecting flights – check the carrier site directly. By doing so, you’ll ensure you’re getting the best price that fits your budget.

There are additional fees applied at checkout when purchasing from a site like Cheap-O-Air. However, they do offer discounts on their prices by signing up to their email list. It’s vital for us to avoid extra fees whenever possible. However, you should also look at those fees from an alternative perspective.

How do we do that?

We accomplish this by checking if third-party booking fees are cheaper or more expensive than other third-party sites. Additionally, it’s worth comparing it against the carrier’s website directly.

Understanding Availability As It Relates To Flight Prices For Travel To Florida

Availability is based on supply and demand. It’s one of the main factors when it comes to flight prices. We all wonder why prices can change from day to day without any explanation. However, I can’t imagine the airlines releasing that information. Let’s use the concept of supply and demand in mind. We want to make sure we lock in a flight price that fits our budget when we see fit. The worse thing we could do is operate under the assumption that the price could be cheaper tomorrow. Tomorrow the supply and demand may change and in turn, so will the price.

Since we can’t predict what the airlines will do, we can spot trends as to the best time to purchase. I prefer purchasing my flight about two to three months out from departure on a Tuesday or Wednesday. However, I have booked my flights on alternative days of the week as well. It all depends on your budget and what prices you’re comfortable with.

Convenience When Traveling

When I left for PBI, I departed on a Saturday. Saturdays can be a preferred day for travel. Many people are off from work and it’s more flexible for travel. It’s just one less vacation day travelers will have to take from their job.

As mentioned, the availability can change as well as how they update the schedule. Now that American Airlines travel to Florida from LGA to PBI is offering some non-stop options, maybe availability improves. I’ve never met someone who didn’t prefer a non-stop flight to get to their destination quicker. Waiting at the airport for a handful of hours to get to where you’re going isn’t fun. Why would anyone want to spend more money on a layover when they didn’t want that in the first place?

How successful have you been in finding a non-stop flight using American Airlines? If you do travel LGA to PBI and you’re reading this, have you seen any improvements regarding non-stop options?

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